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Clinical Site Coordination

Participants from the call on 7/24/18, please click this link to download an audio recording of the conference call: Clinical Training with School Ed Coordinators

PA presentation - top of license etc. WG3 12/7/18 meeting


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TRIUMPH WMS Dec 2016 Issue

Jan 2018 Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter and March newsletter graph image

April 2018 Newsletter and images: specialty by age chart



2018 Summit Save the Date

June 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

2018 Report Materials: Press Release, Full Report, Issue Brief

September Newsletter

October Newsletter

UWSMPH Associate Dean Posting

November Newsletter - Summit Recap

Event Brief - 2018 Summit

Dec 2018 Year in Review

Jan 2019 Newsletter - + graphs: replenish, grad rate 4 prof, grad rate nursing

Feb 2019 Newsletter - regional consortia, wha, wmjournal article , Consortia spotlight

2019 work groups summary

Mar 2019 Newsletter - DHS grants, Quinn iview w WPTV, pharmacy article re-run

Apr 2019 Newsletter - summit announcement, Aspirus teachers, Medicine on Main Street

2019 Summit Save the Date + Call for Proposals (4/22/19)

2019 Summit Registration Now Available + Call for Proposals (5/14/19)

2019 May newsletter - summit, council meeting

2019 June newsletter VERSION 2 REVISED HERE

July 2019 Newsletter2

Corporate Flyer

August 2019 Newsletter


WCMEW 2019 1 pager