Addressing Wisconsin's Health Care Workforce Needs

2019 Wisconsin Healthcare Workforce Summit

Tuesday, September 24 | 8am - 4pm | Best Western - Oshkosh

WCMEW hosted its annual summit on September 24, drawing healthcare leaders from education and provider organizations throughout the state for a full-day discussion about:

How clinicians, educators, and trainers use innovative approaches to solve workforce issues at the community level;

What is happening across the state regarding education and training developments; and

Sharing opinions on a possible future workforce.

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Convening Stakeholders Across Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce (WCMEW) is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization whose purpose is to facilitate strategies to ensure an adequate supply of health care providers to meet the needs of Wisconsin citizens today and into the future.

WCMEW serves as a convener, bringing together professionals from across clinical areas and other stakeholder groups, such as rural hospitals, and leaders in education and training. WCMEW facilitates various work groups that address health care workforce needs through development of publications, educational events including conferences, and discussion of workforce data. 

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